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IPO charter

IPO charter 2011Independent Promotion Organisation for the use of steel in the construction sector.
On 12 September 2007 the IPO’s adopted and launched the IPO Charter, the full text of which follows hereafter.
On June 12, 2008, SBI (Sweden) has joined the organisation.
On September 12, 2011, BCSA (UK) has joined the organisation.


  • Whereas steel producers, manufacturers and designers are even more focused on Europe,
  • Whereas member organizations are in charge of the promotion of steel in the construction sector in order to reach a larger and more effective use of steel,
  • Whereas the IPO’s are mainly focusing on the same target groups and on similar topics,
  • Whereas the IPO’s are based on the same fundamental pillars, among which promotion and technical knowledge transfer,
  • Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly and usefull relationships between IPO’s,
  • Whereas dissemination of accurate and reliable information regarding steel as building material and how it contributes to a well-thought material choice,
  • Whereas a common understanding of best practices is of the greatest importance for the full achievement of this pledge,


  • Article 1 : IPO’s are set up on a country’s base and respond to National considerations, needs and habits.
  • Article 2 : The involved IPO’s have expressed their intention to cooperate with other European IPO’s in order to share best practices for optimizing the use of steel.
  • Article 3 : The concerned IPO’s wish to develop enhanced reciprocal relationships.
  • Article 4 : The involved IPO’s will exchange available technical and macro-economical data for a better perception of the market evolution.
  • Article 5 : The participating IPO’s will inform their colleagues about possible collaboration.
  • Article 6 : The subscribing IPO’s will pursuit the development of a network and exchange of expertise.

Therefore the IPO’s declare this CHARTER as a common guideline for the concerned IPO’s, so that each partner - keeping this CHARTER constantly in mind - shall strive by means of documentations, events and trainings in order to promote the use of steel in the construction sector and by progressive measures, Nationally and Internationally, in order to secure their recognition both among organizations promoting other building materials and among steel users.